Nanking cherry in full bloom

The Millet Seed Farm

It’s 2023, have you planted any trees lately? If not, no big deal. We have a plant sale coming up soon with fruit trees, shrubs and more!

Here is a full list of plants that we have available for purchase.

At the Millet Seed farm we offer fresh, seasonal produce grown using sustainable practices. For us that means no chemicals, no tillage, and no machines in the garden.  The plants here are grown with love and care. Located in Iowa City’s Longfellow neighborhood, the Millet Seed farm offers our community members an authentic local food experience through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Our  CSA is full for the 2023 season.

Follow the Millet Seed on Facebook and Instagram! It may be disappointing as we rarely post anything but that could change any day. Even better than following us on social media, take a walk or a bike ride through the neighborhood and see what is happening on our farm! You may even see one of us outside working in the gardens.


Providing healthy food, Sustaining the land, Empowering our community