About Us

Jon Yagla has been growing food on small-scale rural and urban farms for over eight years. The name “Jagla” is Polish for millet, which is one of the oldest human foods and believed to be the first domesticated grain. It seems fitting that we embrace this name as we strive to reconnect with subsistence agriculture as a way of life.

Our goal is to actively reduce our participation in an economy and culture that relies on exploitation and oppression. We hope to provide a model for homesteading in the urban environment and a place where people can learn and share skills for doing this. We believe that 100% of our communities fruits and vegetables can be grown within the city limits and hope to encourage more mini farms throughout our community. The majority of the gardening is done with hand tools and we are working on systems that minimize the use of fossil fuels. Our specialty is food production but we are always striving to learn more about sustainable energy, water catchment, and natural building.

Jon & Wren portrait

Jon Yagla and Wren Almitra both have multiple years’ experience working on small scale organic farms in the region. They currently live and garden with the trillions of beings in their biocommunity, their three chickens, bee hives, and Mister the dog just three houses down from where Jon grew up in Iowa City. They feel grateful to be a part of a neighborhood where they know over 60 of their neighbors within a half mile radius. They hope to encourage more neighbor-to-neighbor networking and skill sharing through some of their homesteading efforts and the CSA.

Providing healthy food, Sustaining the land, Empowering our community